Enterprise Asset Management Library™

Access the industry's most comprehensive digital library of enterprise asset management best practices

EAM software is designed to deliver insightful business intelligence.
So, why does it struggle to do so?

The problem is that EAM systems can't deliver great data without proper codes, standardization and procedures. The good news is, our Library has everything you need to solve your EAM information challenges.

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Benefit from our Library's ISO 55000 compliant content and methods, designed to get your EAM system delivering actionable reporting and analytics - in no time.

Built over 24 years, the Enterprise Asset Management Library is continuously updated with new codes, practices and performance management standards. As a member, you will gain access to the latest ISO compliant, industry-accepted standards, including:

Master Data Coding Structures

Naming Conventions

Taxonomies – Classification Schemes

Problem-Failure-Action Codes

Practices and Procedures

Policies – Strategies – Objectives

Key Performance Indicators

Assessment Tools

Business Rules and Processes

Roles and Responsibilities

Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe

Trusted by asset-intensive organizations across the globe (Argos, Caterpillar, Chiquita, Del Monte, FBI, New York City Transit, Shiner Bock)

What You'll Get:

Proven Best Practices

Built on ISO standards 55001, ISO 41001, ISO 8000, PAS 55, and ISO 14224.

Improved Reporting Data

Know how much it cost in time and money. Discover which action was taken, how frequently, and at what cost.

Cloud-Based Web Platform

Easily access and download standards from any location or site.

Customize Everything

Update standards to fit your organization’s specific branding and workflows.


Content and tools are software agnostic meaning they are tailored to fit any EAM/CMMS.

Simple One-Time Pricing

No contract, one-time membership fee. Optionally subscribe to updates.

Build your standards on tried-and-true best practices.

Don’t start from scratch. Utilize the SwainSmith Enterprise Asset Management Library to save time and quickly implement industry-proven standards at your organization.

Assess performance, identify gaps and fast-track improvements

Establish best practices across the organization

Supercharge your ERP/EAM/CMMS initiative

Improve data quality and EAM/CMMS reporting

Achieve ISO 55000 compliance or certification

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